Chemical name: L-valine Molecular formula:. C5H11NO2 Molecular weight: 117.15  CAS No.: [72-18-4]  Executive standard: CP2010 EP5 AJ192 USP24 Aspects and characters: White crystals or crystalline powder, tastes sweet firstly and bitter then, L-Valine is soluble in water and hardly soluble in ethanol.  Efficacy: Along with leucine and isoleucine, valine is a branched-chain amino acid. It is named after the plant valerian. In sickle-cell disease, valine substitutes for the hydrophilic … [Read more...]

Natamycin(pimaricin, pimafucin)


Product Name: Natamycin (Pimaricin, Pimafucin) Cas No.: [56038-13-2] Molecular Formula :  C33H47NO13 Molecular Weight: 665.73 Specification: USP Introduction: Natamycin (pimaricin) is a tetraene polyene antibiotic derived from Streptomyces natalensis. The antibiotic is a very strong anti-fungal reagents, It can effectively inhibit the growth of yeast and mold and prevent the aflatoxin formation of filamentous fungi. Compared with other antibacterial ingredients,  natamycin has very … [Read more...]



Product Name: Sucralose Chemical Name: 1',6'–Dichloro-1',6'–dideoxy–β–D-fructofuranosyl–4–chloro–4–deoxy–α–D–galactopyranoside Synonyms: TGS; 4, 1', 6' – Trichlorogalactosucrose; Trichlorogalactosucrose Cas No.           : [56038-13-2]  Molecular Formula :  C12H19O8Cl3   Specification: FCCVII, USP34-NF29, EC231/2012(2008/60/EC), EP2368,GB25531  Use:  The natural sugar-like sweetness of Sucralose can be used to make rich, tasty sausages, … [Read more...]

Potassium Sorbate

Potassium Sorbate_01

Molecular formula: C6H7KO2; CAS NO:590-00-1 Molecular weight: 150 Character: white or light yellow granule Features: 1.Our technicians have been engaged in the production of this product for about 20 years and accumulated rich exprience; 2.Appearance: pure white and brilliant lustre; 3.The main product is columnar granule with a size of 1.2mm,.Moreover, we supply powdery and spherical granule according to the clients' requirements; 4.The intrinsic quality indexes are strictly … [Read more...]

BHT(Butylated Hydroxytoluene )


Other name:  Antioxidant BHT(2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-methyl phenol), Molecular formula: C15H24O, molecular weight: 220.36, Character: white crystals or crystalline powder; soluble in benzene,toluene,ethanol,acetone,carbon terachloride,and methanol;insoluble in water and 10% NaOH solution.Mainly used in animal and vegetable oil and fat,and oil-rich food,and for packaging materials for cosmetics and food. Specifications: Items Parameter Appearance white crystals or crystalline … [Read more...]



Product Name: Cinnamaldehyde(Cinnaldehyde;Zimtaldehyde) Cas No.: [104-55-2] Molecular Formula : C9H8O Molecular Weight: 132.16 Specification: FCCIV Character: Light Yellow Oily Liquid/ light yellow- white powder Introduction:  Cinnamic aldehyde is the organic compound that gives cinnamon its flavor and odor.This pale yellow viscous liquid occurs naturally in the bark of cinnamon trees and other species of the genus Cinnamomum. The essential oil of cinnamon bark is about 90% cinnamaldehyde. Applications: flavorant … [Read more...]


Inositol 01

INOSITOL Molecular formula: C6H12O6  Molecular weight: 180.16  Properties: white fine crystals or crystallized powder, odorless and sweettaste, soluble in water, insoluble in chloride or ethylether, littlesoluble in ethanol. Quality standard:  NF 12 and FCCIV.  Product description: Inositol is the nutritional medicine in pharmaceutical industry. It belong to Vitamin B substance and one kind of vitamin B compound. It has similar function with B1 and biotin. It mainly used in making … [Read more...]