Mono-dicalcium Phosphate (MDCP)

Monocalcium phosphate(MCP)

MCP is the preparation of feed raw materials,To supplement the calcium needs of aquatic products.
【Product Nature
MCP also known as a calcium phosphate, dried white powder was loose crystals or granules.
【Product Features
The purity of the product, calcium and phosphorus ratio appropriate to ensure a higher degree of its biological effects. Phosphorus content greater than 22% of the products, their biological effects better.
This unique high-tech companies use technology to make our products crystallization, high purity and its harmful impurities significantly below standards:HG2861—1997。
Drying process advanced products, products with low free water under the premise that the product does not lose crystallization of water, avoid the product in the drying process for the loss of water caused by crystallization of biological effects of the reduction.
【Packaging and transport and storage
Knitted bags lined polyethylene plastic bags double packaging,Weighing 25Kg、50Kg or 1000Kg。
Transportation-and harsh rain.
Stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place.
【The main quality indicators

Item StandardGB/T22548-2008 Specimens Enterprises Indicators
Powdery Particles
P%≥ 22 22 22
P%≥ 20 20.3 20.3
Ca%≥ 13-18 13-18 13-18
F%≤ 0.20 0.06-0.16 0.06-0.16
Αs mg/kg≤ 30 10 10
Ρь mg/kg≤ 30 10 10
H2O % ≤ 4 3 3
Finenness % 95Guo0.5mmStandard Screen 97Guo0.5mmStandard Screen 97Guo10-60mesh Standard Screen