Choline Chloride 50, 60, 70% Corn Cob

Choline Chloride on Corb Cob    (50%, 60%, 70%, 75%)

light yellow to light coffe light granule or flaky matter

[Available assay]
choline chloride 50%,60%

choline is one kind of vitamin, isthe main content of lecithin, it plays a very important role in the growth of youth animal and bird, which are insufficient in the synthesis of choline themselves, therefore, we can add some choline chloride into their feedstuff to promote their growth
1.choline is very important to chicken, which can speed the growth and oviposition/incubation of chicken
2.As to marten,pig,rabbit and cattle, the shortage of choline may cause maldevelopment, coarse skin and hair, soft bone and low output.

1.Sealed , in dry place
2.If block, it is still available

1kg/1,000kg feedstuff, for younger animal, the dosage could be higher

500g*25bags/box; 25kg/bag.