Product Name: Sucralose

Chemical Name:


Synonyms: TGS; 4, 1′, 6′ – Trichlorogalactosucrose; Trichlorogalactosucrose

Cas No.           : [56038-13-2]

 Molecular Formula :  C12H19O8Cl3  

Specification: FCCVII, USP34-NF29, EC231/2012(2008/60/EC), EP2368,GB25531
 Use:  The natural sugar-like sweetness of Sucralose can be used to make rich, tasty sausages, drawing out the meatiness and accentuating herbal and spicy flavors. As Sucralose is a high intensity sweeteness, very small levels of addition are necessary in order to benefit from its advantages. Additionally, both resistant to heat in acidic to neutral conditions and stable throughout prolonged storage, Sucralose will not be broken down or deteriorate in quality from heat sterilization during the production process.

 Storage: Kept for 2 years under seal, cool and dry conditions.

 Paking: 1 kg aluminum foil bags or 25kg cardboard drums

 Shelf Life: 2years