【 Quality standard 】

【 Packing 】
   25Kg/DRUM, 25KG/BAG,50KG/DRUM, 50KG/BAG.

【 Character 】
  white or almost white, crystalline powder or silky, extremely yellow-green, acicular crystal, odorless and bitter, weathering, easily soluble in hot water and chloroform, slightly soluble in water and ethylalcohol and acetone, very slightly soluble in ethyl ether.  

【 Use 】
  Caffeine is excited to central nervous system, can increase the excitatory process of cerebral cortex . and have the use of  enhancing the hemangiectasis. Used for nerve disinhibited states, increase nonstriated muscle contraction, promote the circulation system,  hemangiectasis and cardiac muscle contraction. Mainly used in medicine, food, drinks, cosmetics, paint, etc.

【 period of validity 】
  4 years